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Business owners looking for quick expansion often consider the option of transforming their business into a franchise. Indeed, franchised companies tend to grow much faster than others, and in many cases, offer better returns on investment.

Setting up a franchise is not that hard. One of the most challenging issues often faced by new franchisors is the preparation of the company operations manual. Luckily, this can be overcome by using a Franchise Operations Manual Template.

A company operations manual must provide a clear outline of all company operations and procedures and detailed instructions on how every single aspect of the business must be handled by potential franchisees. What makes the preparation for a company operations manual even more challenging is the fact that it must comply with various federal and state franchise laws and regulations.

A Trouble-free Way to Get Your Company Operations 

Manual Ready

Here are some tips about how you can prepare your company operations manual in an easy and effortless way and without spending a fortune for expensive consultancy and attorney fees.

  • Make sure you know what a company operations manual is all about. Most likely, you have a vague idea of what this document must include and what is its purpose. Dedicate some time to learn more about its features. This knowledge will help you a lot during its preparation. Knowing what must be included in your company operations manual will allow you to gather the information you will need well in advance.

  • Take a peek at the company operations manuals of other franchises. Every franchise must have a company operations manual. If you can take a look at several documents of franchises working in your industry niche, you will be better prepared to write your own. This can be done quite easily if you access a franchise document database. If you decide to do so, make sure the database you are about to search offers real and up to date documents.

  • Use a company operations manual template. Using a franchise operations manual template is very beneficial – it can save you a great deal of time and money. There are many franchise operations manual templates available and finding one should not be a problem. You must make sure, however, that the template you are about to use is prepared by experienced franchise professionals, complies with all federal and state franchise laws, and is reviewed by a franchise attorney. Using any other product may cause trouble in the long-term. A great company operations manual has been provided by FranZoom’s experts and you can take a look at the free sample Franchise Operations Manual Template.

  • Get all members of your management team involved. Do not try to attempt writing your company operations manual all by yourself. Instead, involve all the members of your management team. Since this document must cover various aspects of the business, the best strategy for its preparation is to get input from the people who run your company’s departments – finance, marketing, customer service, and so on.

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