Save High Lawyer and Consultant Fees with Our Step-by-Step Underground Guide to Franchising

Our underground guide to easy franchising contains the step-by-step procedures and  methodologies used by the pros to get the greatest business expansion.

This guide was written by William Taylor, a senior franchising advisor and FranZoom’s CEO. This guide contains valuable information that will save you, as a business owner, thousands of dollars and will help you understand how to create a successful franchising business model.

What is the successful franchising business model this guide will teach you?

  1. Gives you FULL protection from lawsuits
  2. Simple to handle and manage franchising model
  3. Inexpensive: Save on attorney fees using prewritten templates, save on franchise marketing – DIY, save on training programs – DIY

This guide is built on years of experience of individuals who have franchised their existing business and omits all the “fluff” and legal jargon that many people may not understand when it comes to franchising.

It breaks down franchising and gives you all the necessary tools and knowledge needed to franchise your business successfully.

Did you know ?

The key benefit of every franchise is that it has
EXTREMELY HIGHLY motivated managers?

These are people who have invested their life savings and this gives them higher motivation than regular managers hired to do the job.

Franchise unit manager would be dedicated to do the job right and to make sure their unit runs well and delivers the results required results.

How many times have you been to a store and somebody gives you a wave, “oh, we are closed now, see you later”? that does not happen at a franchise.

How many times have you had an employee that does not perform well, but “they are okay” and you do not want to fire him as they are your friend, etc?

What if you are the unit manager and not the business owner? That kind of stuff happens all the time in regular business but that does not happen at a franchise!

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On the following page, you will learn the full story behind our exclusive guide and learn some very interesting facts about franchising.

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You Will Learn the Answers to These Questions and More:

  1. How Does Franchising Work?
  2. Should I Franchise My Business at All? Can My Business Be Franchised?
  3. When is the Right Time to Franchise?
  4. What is Needed to Franchise?
  5. Strategic Planning to Franchising
  6. The Inner Secrets of the Legal Side of Franchising and How to Fully Protect Yourself
  7. Determining the Initial Fee
  8. Determining the Royalty Fee
  9. Creating a Successful Quality Control System – the Core of Your Success
  10. Legal Documents What and How?
  11. Can YOU Be a Good Franchisor?
  12. The Crucial Differences Between Consumer Marketing and Franchise Marketing
  13. The Basics of a Great Franchise Marketing Plan
  14. The Franchise Sales Process
  15. How to Choose the Right Franchisee
  16. Franchisor Staffing Plan
  17. The Cost of Getting into Franchising
  18. How to Save Thousands When Franchising Your Business
  19. How to Save on Attorney Fees Using Prewritten Templates the Right Way
  20. How to Save on Franchise Marketing
  21. How to Save on Training Programs
  22. How Can I Get Approved Fast for SBA Government Loans to My Franchisees?
  23. How to Create a Simple to Handle and Manage Franchising Model
  24. And more…

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In Addition, This Offer Includes the Following 15 Bonuses:

  • 2008 Census Population by Counties
  • Authorization for Background Check
  • Sample Appendix Template
  • Application Data Sheet Template
  • Customizable Lease Agreements
  • Due Diligence Guide
  • Franchisee Reporting Template
  • FTC Rule Change
  • Initial Investment Checklist
  • List of Registration/Filing States with Contact Info
  • Request for Consideration Template
  • SBA Franchise Eligibility Guidelines
  • License Application Template
  • National Business License Web Links
  • Notice of Default Template

Limited Time Only SALE