Using a FDD Template to Franchise your Business

If you own a unique business and expansion is on your horizon, you may be in need of a FDD template to franchise your company. In today’s competitive marketplace, you have to look at the best methods available for expansion at the lowest cost. Franchising your business offers a perfect blend of being able to open more locations quickly without the need to incur the cost on your own.


In order to successfully franchise your business, you must make certain you have all of the correct documents and tools in place. The FDD template or franchise disclosure document template is one of the items you will need. This template provides instructions regarding the disclosure of information that is required to meet FTC guidelines. In most cases the FDD template contains multiple chapters in addition to samples of the information that is being released.


Entrepreneurs with experience in franchising often admit the FDD is one of the most challenging aspects of the franchising process. What often makes creating the FDD so difficult is the number of very strict rules the FTC sets in place. Trying to comply with those rules can often be difficult. When you take into consideration the fact that every state also has its own rules, it is easy to see why creating your own franchise disclosure document can be so difficult and why many people choose to use a FDD template instead.

The Right Template can Protect your Franchise System

While it is possible to use a sample FDD template that you might find online, once you begin to carefully examine these templates you will find they lack several important elements. Many are generic and simply do not offer the level of legal protection you need. An effective FDD template should be completely customizable. It should also be prepared by an experienced attorney and franchise expert that is familiar with all of the rules and laws relating to FTC compliance.


The FDD template is a critical part of the franchising process that should be completely correct the first time. This is the document that forms the foundation of the franchise agreement and therefore determines the success and growth of your entire franchise system. Ensuring you have the right FDD template can help you to establish your franchise system now and protect it in the future.



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