The Subway operations manual is a masterpiece of simplicity which means as a master franchiser, it easy to find new buyers to expand your empire

One of the big reasons for the success of the Subway sandwich restaurant chain lies in the Subway operations manual. When you walk into a Subway, you might not notice it but the store runs like a top.  Usually using only a few employees who always seem to be enjoying themselves, Subways run like well oiled machine. This is no accident. It is a carefully crafted concept that is laid out for Subway franchise owners in the Subway operations manual.

The secret weapon that Subway has in its franchise operating manual is something Subway has used to gain competitive advantage in the rough and tumble fast food market.  The company combines three potent selling points to earn a reputation as one of the sought after franchises to own and operate.  The first big selling point is the product which is healthy food that is easier to offer to customers than fried food.  The Subway operating manual lays out the way fresh foods are simply put out where they can be seen so that employees do not have the fuss of frying things which is expensive and messy.

Another selling point few people know is how much support Subway offers its new franchise owners.  They give their new franchise applicants plenty of tender loving care from the franchise application stage right on through to when the franchise opens and the excited new owner of that franchise starts to make that Subway operations manual come to life.

The third selling point is the efficiency of running a Subway. The clean and friendly atmosphere and people to people touch to getting lunch at a Subway brings customers to their stores in droves.  What new franchise owner would not want that kind of customer base? The Subway operations manual lays out in a step by step fashion how to achieve that atmosphere that customers love

Tapping into the money making potential of Subway.

Looking at big numbers can be fun and fascinating. There is one little statistic that few people know about how the Subway gang has gone about franchising a business.  Seventy percent of new Subway franchises are sold to existing owners which means that master franchise gurus are tapping into the wealth of selling subway franchises too.

It makes sense. The master franchise retailer has seen the powerful way the implementation of that Subway operations manual has put money in the till which means money in his or her pocket. The natural next step is to run a network of sub-franchises using the master franchising concept. It is easy to “sell” to sub-franchise candidates that the Subway operations manual is the secret weapon to big success running a Subway restaurant.

Because of the phenomenal franchisor support that Subway offers, they have learned to encourage master franchisors to expand the business even faster implementing the innovative ideas they find in the Subway operations manual.  If it works for Subway, it can work for regular people too so why not tap into that geyser of profits and share the wealth and the fun with Subway?

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