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In order to turn your business into a franchise company, you need to have a set of recommendations to follow: you need a franchising guide. It doesn’t have to be a single, comprehensive text offering you every bit of information you need to know about franchising. Your franchising guide could be a website, or a series of websites designed with prospective franchisors in mind. It could include useful articles about the franchising process as well as products for prospective franchisors to purchase.

Websites of this kind are often directed at individuals who would like to be directly involved in the process of franchising their businesses. They may have reservations about simply handing the whole process over to a franchising expert or consultant without themselves taking the time to understand what it entails. Thus, they visit these websites, seeking to understand the steps involved in franchising, and the resources necessary to execute them.

They may ultimately decide to go the do-it-yourself route as franchisors. Alternatively, they may decide to hire professionals to facilitate the entire process for them. If they opt for the latter, they cannot be said to have wasted their time looking into the process and then handing it over to another individual. In fact, their actions are commendable. By seeking to first learn what they can from an online franchising guide, they are better able to supervise the franchising of their businesses by experts. This is positive. After all, informed ‘bosses’ are far more effective than ignorant ones.


A More In-Depth Consideration of the Franchising Guide


Some of the topics that an online franchising guide is likely to tackle include tips for identifying a business that is suitable for franchising, the pros and cons of franchising one’s business, advice for selecting the best possible franchisees from a pool of applicants, recommendations for optimizing a franchise agreement, and the legal issues faced by franchisors.

In some cases, franchising guides are not websites, but magazines and other publications from organizations that focus on franchising. Such associations include the International Franchise Association, and regional organizations like the ATLFA (Atlanta Franchise Alliance).

Among the best resources available to prospective franchisors are actual franchisors who have been doing it for years and can talk about it, not in general terms, but with reference to specific contextual details. Information of this kind is critical in helping prospective franchisors understand the complexities involved in the franchising endeavor. Reaching these franchisors need not be an impossible mission. Thanks to social networking sites, there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring franchisors to ‘meet’ ongoing franchisors and to learn from their mistakes and their successes.

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