Would You Use Our FTC Compliant Step-by-Step Franchise Marketing Plan  to Save Time & High "Consultant" Fees?

    A good marketing plan is the KEY to your fast growth and success.

    Your marketing strategy should be devised well in advance and your marketing plan must be put together before you start your operations. It will govern the way you are going to market your business, what budget will be required and how you will be spending the money.

Franchising is NOT normal consumer marketing

    Marketing your franchise to franchisees can be a long and frustrating task if done wrong. In addition, many US states have laws in place that govern how your marketing materials should look, what information they cannot or can include and so on.

    Marketing your franchise to franchisees MUST be done in a proper way using an FTC compliant step-by-step plan to let you reach as many qualified candidates as possible in the best and secure way using a predefined budget.

    This is the new product our developers and experts are considering launching soon, and we want YOU to let us know if you think this would suit your needs and how much you would pay for a good franchise marketing plan.

Answer these 4 questions and get the FULL product for FREE!

(on launch time)

  Please answer these simple questions and send them to : support@franzoom.com

  1. Would you be interested in a Step-by-Step FTC Compliant Franchise Marketing Plan?

  2. How much you would be willing to pay for it?

  3. What would you like it to include?
  4. Do you need to know how to market your franchise to franchisees as a franchisor or how to market a franchise that you bought? In other words, are you a franchisee or a franchisor?

  5. Any comments?

Thanks and all the best


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