Appreciating the Pizza Hut Franchise Agreement

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Congratulations, you’re about to design a Pizza Hut franchise agreement. This means you’re taking on the mantle of one of the world’s most respected pizza chains in the world!

Pizza Hut is one of the oldest chain restaurants in the United States, and one of the first words in pizza. Because of this, and partly the reason of this, Pizza Hut has a high standard of quality. This goes above and beyond their pizza and their service. Pizza Hut also has high standards for their franchise establishments and their staff.

Because of this, your Pizza Hut franchise agreement must he put together exceptionally well, because there are no second chances with first impressions.

With this in mind, there are several facets to the document which must be carefully planned and considered.

Above all else, the writing of this document is very important. Your Pizza Hut franchise agreement must reflect first and foremost that you understand Pizza Hut. By this, you must understand their business philosophy, their standards of quality and service and their dedication to their industry. Properly reflecting these above your own franchise mission goals shows that you’re part of Pizza Hut, not someone who wishes to simply ride the brand’s coattails, as it were.


Why Appearance Matters in your Pizza Hut Franchise Agreement

This document may be all business, but that doesn’t mean that its appearance doesn’t matter. We’ve discussed that the writing must reflect your dedication to Pizza Hut and their standards of quality. You should also show this dedication to quality by the visual aspects of the Pizza Hut franchise agreement as well.

Above all, make sure that your spacing and distribution doesn’t cram too much on a page. Anyone who is presented with a page full of a vast amount of writing will be put off by it and skim when they should completely read. More pages is alright if it reduces the clutter.

Fonts matter too, so be sure to pick something that’s not overly ornate, but not old and outdated. Many people recommend Arial, but there are other choices. A good designer of these documents can present a wide range of letterhead, header and body fonts that will look very nice when put together.

Color themes and print stock matter just as much. Show Pizza Hut that they and the document are important to you by printing this on a good, “expensive” looking stock of paper, rather than generic. This little step says a lot, believe it or not.

In closing, the file format you store this in matters as well. Pizza Hut will be impressed if you choose a format that is secure, flexible, and convenient. This means it can’t be easy to edit by would-be saboteurs, and can be read by many devices. Formats like PDF are becoming commonplace for this situation, and for good reason.


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