Significance of the Hotel Franchise Agreement

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A hotel franchise agreement is one of the most important documents you will handle when establishing your new business.

You already know how much responsibility you will be undertaking in opening a hotel franchise, regardless what company it is. Hotels have many points of service and quality to which reputable companies hold a high bar.

You know your devotion to quality, and you know how much hard work must be put into every aspect of these points of quality. But, did you know that you can show your devotion to this quality long before your store opens? It’s best to show immediately how devoted to every last detail of quality you are, and the best place to start is with meticulous attention to such detail in your hotel franchise agreement documents.


 Things to Pay Attention to in your Hotel Franchise Agreement.

You’re already aware of the importance of attention to detail when it comes to the legal statements and clauses of your hotel franchise agreement. However, there are many other aspects of the document through which you can show your attention to detail and devotion to total quality as well!

When designing the document, the first thing to consider is choosing the best fonts, sizes thereof and spacing of yoru document. Having too much text in a sin page can cause people to gloss over the document out of instinct, rather than read the entire thing. This is a dangerous thing, as it can cause important points to be missed. Remember, people don’t mind reading, but if they don’t want to be overwhelmed.

A hotel franchise agreement should also look nice, contrary to popular thought. Just because a document is all business, does not in any way mean that it shouldn’t be attractive. Choosing the best color scheme, letterhead and printing material also matter a great deal.

When presenting the document, if it looks “classy” or “expensive”, this has a subconscious impression upon those reading it for potential signing, and usually, it is a positive effect. Showmanship in all things is vital, especially in service industries such as hotels.

Choose a good format to author and store it in as well. Remember, you don’t want this document to be easy to tamper with, or hard for wide ranges of devices to read. Showing your devotion to hard work and the convenience of others goes a long way in an industry that’s all about convenience for customers. PDF is a good example of a secure, diverse format which can be accessed from mobile devices as well as almost any computer system imaginable.

Showing this attention to detail, good appearance and convenience of others shows the parent company how much you care.


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