Franchise Agreement Example: Find Out What They Are!

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For anyone who’s considering buying a franchise and entering into a Franchiser/Franchisee relationship, a Franchise Agreement Example is a must. These documents are of utmost importance because they can help eliminate errors before they become concrete, and because they can help a Franchisee become much more familiar with the franchise, in a much shorter amount of time.

But even if you know how important it is to have a Franchise Agreement Example in place, that doesn’t help you much if you don’t even know what one is. So just what is a Franchise Agreement Example?

To understand what a Franchise Agreement Example is, you must first understand what a Franchise Agreement is.

A Franchise Agreement is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities of the Franchiser (the owner of the franchise) and the Franchisee (the individual wanting to buy into the franchise.) The Franchise Agreement will outline the policies, procedures, and operating tasks that the Franchisee will be required to carry out.

 The Franchise Agreement will also outline specific responsibilities for the Franchiser, which will include things such as granting permission for the Franchisee to construct and conduct a franchise on a specific property and for a specific amount of time. It’s very important to understand that once a Franchise Agreement has been prepared and signed, no adjustments or changes can be made to it.

A Franchise Agreement Example Allows Room for Error!

A Franchise Agreement Example is a template that can be used to enter in certain aspects of the Franchise Agreement such as the address of the property, the business name, and the business that will be conducted on the property.

 These examples can be customized to fit any business as each business has its own unique needs and operating procedures. Both parties can review all of the terms specified within the example and can make any changes or corrections they feel are necessary, without incurring any penalties.

Once all interested parties have agreed to the terms within the Franchise Agreement template, the information can then just be transferred as is into the Franchise Agreement. It is only then that all parties should review the information one more time before signing.

Essentially, a Franchise Agreement template is a test-page for the Franchise Agreement. They allow everyone involved the chance to see what terms they will be bound to, before they are actually bound to them and allow for mistakes to be made and corrected. Anyone who is thinking of buying into a franchise, or taking in more franchisees, needs to have a template of a Franchise Agreement template.


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